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With love in the pediatric ward

An exciting gifts
To children fighting against illness
In the play room of pediatric war

Project to Make Pediatric Ward Playrooms Nationwide

Exciting Spaces Full of Curiosity:

What I Can Do for My Friends Battling Illness in the Pediatric Ward


When I was in my mother’s belly, she found out I had a spinal illness.

So far, a lot of doctors have given me treatments and surgery, and saved my life many times.

So many people have done so many things for me.

So I thought, what is something I can do, something only I could do?

When I was in the hospital, I always thought it would be nice if the ward playroom could be a place much more full of excitement and curiosity to learn and play in,

and the time spent with family, nurses and childcare workers could be even nicer.

Because those wonderful times create a heart that won’t lose to illness.

So I want to talk with hospital ward staff about sending pediatric ward playrooms

lots of things that can make them more cheerful.

To do that, I need the help of doctors, nurses, childcare workers, hospitals,

and people who are willing to give money to create “rooms of smiles”.

First, I’ve set aside some of the money I’ve made by selling my paintings.

I want to send things that will make the playroom a nice place to learn and play for children who are battling illness in the pediatric ward.

I hope they look forward to tomorrow morning.

I appreciate your support.

We Support This Project

Project ART Director

I hope this project will bring joy to children in the hospital ward every day, and that it will be a seed of growth for their spirits.

I support this activity.

At Children Art House, we have been providing items and materials necessary for children’s growth over the course of 25 years.

We are assisting with management of operating funds.

Please contact us as follows regarding this project.

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