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A special delivery to the pediatric ward play room.

From KOKO’s long experience of life being hospitalized,

I have tried to select the kinds of goods that create excitement and awe

in the pediatric ward playroom.

Even when in hospital,

I  thought it would be nice if some fun times could be created

making everyone's hearts feel lighter.

List of items delivered by KOKO 

It is very easy to choose

which items you want KOKO to deliver!  

You can award up to 6 hearts to whichever items make you think

"I would like to have this in the playroom."

Try combining the items when making your selection.

120 colored pencils that create the infinite world of the imagination

Each one of these colored pencils can produce an infinite number of colors just by varying the level of pressure when using it.

The colored pencils create such joy when children discover and encounter the new colors produced by using colors on top of each other!

I hope that these colored pencils will make everyone on the ward smile.

♡ ♡ ♡


Toys that help you imagine the zoo without going to the zoo 

All of the animals in the world that everyone loves – elephants, giraffes and lions!

Children want to talk about something when they line up the animals! And they also want to learn about the wonder of animals!

Children think about how there are various forms of life, various living creatures on the earth!


Everyone is different and everyone is wonderful!

Let's live our lives being true to ourselves!

3 hearts  23 animals

2 hearts  15 animals

1 hearts  7 animals


Origami chest that makes you want to do origami

A chest of origami has come to the playroom!

Which color should I use?

When there are two origami chests the fun in choosing colors increases even more

and when there are three, it is like "shopping" and the children are excited every day!

* Each origami chest comes in a set with 10 colors or 10 types of origami!




Meet various creatures living on earth in "The Earth Museum Encyclopedia" 

There are many animals on earth.

How do they all live?

They all have a different appearance! They all live in a different way!

There is no human being that has exactly the same appearance as another, either!

 Everyone is different! Everyone tries hard to live their lives!

The evolution of life on earth is amazing!

*The visuals make you feel excited as they are very beautiful and convey a sense of presence! 



地球博物図鑑 KOKO 支援.png

Everyone can produce lovely pictures! Original coloring book.


The pictures can be colored nicely, cut, glued or given as presents.

It is a coloring book that creates dreams and a way to communicate!



An illustrated reference book that introduces new things to children every day 

When children open this book they ask why? How? So many strange things!

Coming across new things every day, the joy of discovering something new every day 


and the sense of satisfaction from learning.

Hey, did you know this? Children want to tell someone how happy they are to find out something that they did not already know.

An opportunity for communication is created!

It is the best illustrated book that can offer learning, communication, enjoyment and growth.

KOKO will always bring it when you are in hospital!

That’s because it turns the period of hospitalization into a fun time!





Presents from KOKO

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